Clothes that make you feel good

Swann Hostein is an established clothing brand launched in Monte-Carlo in 2013.

All the styles are designed for modern and feminine women, and produced in one size so it can fit all body types.

Swann Hostein Kimono in Mykonos

“I want all the women to feel extremely feminine and joyful while wearing my designs. The cuts of all styles are to feel relaxed and comfortable, yet very elegant and dressed-up in the same time.”

The shapes are loose as one love to play hide and seek. All pieces are made with a large amount of fabric to cover the body, but always with cuts and openings that let the skin subtly appear so each can play with the piece and made it its own by styling it very differently.


Prints are very bright and colourful to express joy, life and a light feeling like holidays all year long!


The collection is produced in a family sized atelier owned by a family of women. Each piece is produced by hand in a very limited quantity from upcycling fabrics from Italy.